Vegan for the environment

Farm animal cultivation has one of the central roles in the overall ecological catastrophe of our planet, right after the industrial sector.

Cattle farming is one of the leading causes of the most serious ecological problems, such as climate change, deforestation, ocean “dead zones”, soil degradation, disappearing biodiversity, air and water pollution, greenhouse gas etc.

UN’s organization, FAO, hasn’t included all the contributors, but even in 2006, the cattle industry was declared as one of the biggest threats on planet Earth. (LINK).

It is estimated that today’s modern cattle industry takes up up to 50% of planet Earth’s soil, whereas many peer reviewed studies confirmed that the very same industry causes over 51% of global greenhouse gases, which is more than what is caused by the entire transport sector.

For example, the newest Oxford studies, which were proclaimed the most comprehensive and the most thorough studies ever written on how the animal industry affects the environment, clearly conclude that the best way a person can help the planet Earth is to use vegan food only. It is even more helpful than avoiding cars, airplanes, plastic etc.

Even though this is often hidden by the many environmental organizations, because mentioning this is an attack on profit and capitalism. Even the donors who finance those organizations demand them not to talk about it. 

Did you know that, for the production of 1kg of meat, one needs to spend about 15000 liters of water, and that 16kg of plants is needed for producing 1kg of meat because the animals that are used for food consume huge amounts of water and plant food.

Cattle farming produces about 13 billion tons of waste each year. In bigger western countries, 80% of  grains produced are used for feeding the farm animals. 80% of fish species are hunted to the brink of extinction or pushed over it and are irreversibly dying.

All of this is unnecessary. Even the UN’s IPPC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) confirmed that the best way we can help the planet Earth is by switching to a vegan (fully plant-based) diet.