Vegan for the hungry

If someone were to tell you that people in the west can eat meat because African and Asian children are starving, would you believe them?

What is the food that makes more people starve the more we produce it? The answer is: meat! This is because producing meat is an incredibly wasteful type of food production. On average, in order to get 1kg of meat, you need to spend 10kg of vegetable protein (even more if you use grain, soy etc.)

Out of over 7 billions of humans on planet Earth, more than 840 million people suffer chronically from hunger. Apart from this number being terrifying, it is a very strict number and does not include those who are undernourished.

Almost 8 billion people share this planet, approximately 1 third of whom live in the rich north, and 2 thirds of whom live in the poorer south. In order to survive, all of us use the Earth’s crops and natural wealth, but we don’t use them equally. For example, a child born in the USA uses 12 times more additional resources than a child born in Bangladesh.

The average calorie intake for a person in Bangladesh is 1930 calories, whereas in the USA it is 3650 calories. It is estimated that the minimum amount of calories needed for normal functioning of our bodies is 2360. Therefore, the conclusion is that the average person in Bangladesh has too little food, whereas the American has too much. One third of food of an average American is meat.

Even though many aren’t familiar with this, veganism could not only solve many ecological problems, but could completely solve the problem of hunger and a lot of resource problems of our world.